SDSIS understands the complexity of working with an integrated system.  Our expert technicians will provide solutions that ensure everything works together easily and efficiently. Our goal is to integrate the appropriate technologies into ergonomically designed command and control consoles that are easy to use, as well as, enable one operator or guard to monitor an entire complex.  Automating security functions in this manner streamlines your operation, saving you time and money.  Typically, in our larger systems, all major electronic components not used on a daily basis are installed in vertical racks - properly ventilated with fans and HVAC systems.

In situations where there is a continual guard interface, the advances in video display technology have encouraged a change in how we design and organize consoles.  With the advent of LCD flat screens, consoles no longer have to be big, bulky and unsightly.  SDSIS now installs consoles designed to accept LCD display monitors, making the system easier to use as well as conserving precious space.

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